About Us

The Wyckoff VSA Package has been designed by TradeGuider Systems to bring the power and knowledge of Richard Wyckoff and his methodology to the international trading and investor community.

This site is for everyone and although some products and services are offered on a commercial basis, they are offered at prices which are affordable to anyone.

In addition, it is our intention to build up a knowledge base of freely available material that will make the site the No 1 destination for anyone looking to discover more about this proven and effective methodology.

You can engage with us in a number of ways:


The free knowledge base contains articles and documents which can all be accessed through the education tab. It also includes read access to the Forum and our growing collection of archived seminars


To compliment our software packages we offer a range of educational services including stock scanning and trading sessions and our advanced Wyckoff multimedia course


The software package provides a very affordable way to use the Wyckoff VSA methodology in your trading. The most common Wyckoff principles have been programmed in and are available with a range of chart configurations.