Wyckoff VSA Stocks Trading \ Investing Package

The Software Package

Software Platform

The software features the Tradeguider VSA for Sierra Chart software package with a powerful set of Wyckoff VSA indicators to help you identify high probability, low risk entry and exit points.


With the powerful Scanning tools in the VSA for Sierra Chart Software Toolset.

The Scanners in the VSA Toolset constantly scan any market automatically, searching for high probability low risk trading opportunities. When an opportunity is identified the system will email you a notification.

You can program which VSA sequences you want to alerted to..

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Analyze the charts using tools the "Smart Money" don't want you to have

The Wyckoff VSA Software Toolset contains unique, powerful tools to identify "Smart Money" activity on the chart in the Sierra Chart platform. They alert you to when they are accumulating, distributing or not involved. The VSA indicators explain whats happening and puts it in context with the background. The VSA tools alert you to high probability low risk entry point confirmations.

When these confirmation signals come, it is then simply down to your skills as a trader to decide to take the trade.

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The software requires Sierra Chart to be installed on your computer

The Trading Course

This 8 part course consists of 4 core modules and 4 supporting modules


will teach you the following:

1. Overview of the markets and how Wyckoff VSA can provide an effective trading \ investing solution
2. Devising a stocks trading package
3. How to use the software to identify Wyckoff Based trading signals
4. How to use the software to trade

These 4 core modules are arranges as 2 on-demand sessions which you can view in the comfprt of your own home \ office and will play on most mobile and computer devices.


will cover the following

1. Developing a Wyckoff trading blueprint for success - Part 1.
2. Developing a Wyckoff trading blueprint for success - Part 2.
3. Two Goals, Three Laws and Five Steps -Trading the Wyckoff Method.
4. The art of reading bar charts the Wyckoff way.

These modules are available immediately

All modules can be played on PC, MAC, smart phones and tablets.


Wyckoff VSA Stocks Mentorship Course


Session 1

Stock Market Overview from a Wyckoff Perspective

In this first session we explain how the stock markets really work. We explain how the markets are moved, when they are moved and why. We highlight how vital the Wyckoff VSA methodology is, in identifying the activities of the Composite Operator ("Smart Money").

We explain the basic Wyckoff principles and relate them to the indicators on the Software

The Wyckoff VSA Software Toolset

In this session we tour the software toolset starting with the scanners, before moving on to using the indicators, and trending tools. We show you how best to use multiple time-frames for position and longer term trading.

Session 2

Developing a Stocks Trading Plan

It is widely recognized the successful traders and investors owe much of their success to their trading plan and to their ability to stick to it. In this session we will teach you how to build your own trading plan which will include setting objectives, managing risk, setting expectations, techniques for sticking to the plan, dealing with winners and losers.

Stocks Trading

In this final session we put it all together and use the complete system to identify high probability trades, and then set entry points, profit targets and risk management.

Supporting Modules
Developing a Wyckoff trading blueprint for success - Part 1.

In this module Wyckoff expert Dr Gary Dayton takes you though a detailed coverage of the main Wyckoff VSA Principles of weakness including Selling Climax, Tests, Comparative Strength, Breaking to New Highs, Corrective Reaction, Bullish Advance, Absorption, Buying Climax

Developing a Wyckoff trading blueprint for success - Part 2.

In this 2nd module Dr Gary takes you through other key Wyckoff principles including Breaking the BackBone, Distribution, Reversals, Drive up and Comparative Weakness.

Two Goals, Three Laws and Five Steps -Trading the Wyckoff Method.

In this presentation Wyckoff expert and professional trader Gary Fullett takes you through the 5 steps to trading the Wyckoff method. He covers the universal laws which drive the markets.

The art of reading bar charts the Wyckoff way.

For in depth chart analysis, acclaimed world Wyckoff expert David Weis is simply the best and in this presentation he takes you through a masterclass of Wyckoff chart analysis. Davids logical forensic skills bring charts to life and bring his unique experienced perspective to Wyckoff VSA analysis.

Twice monthly Stock Scanning and Trading Room

Each month the TradeGuider team host two x 2 hour live events for Customers to provide an ongoing support service. During the events we will cover the following:

Undertake stocks and sector scans

Analyse the markets to identify high probability trade and longer term investment opportunities

Answer your questions on the Wyckoff VSA methodology and the software platform

These sessions will be held on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month and will be immediately and automatically archived.